Greetings from Europe and the EURAPS-Junior Working Group!

by Iselin Saltvig, Editor, EURAPS-JWG Newsletter (@HoggtannIselin)


Greetings from Europe and the EURAPS-Junior Working Group! We represent the junior section of the European Association of Plastic Surgeons (EURAPS) and we have been invited to contribute to the blog.

Our organisation is only 3 years old, but already very active. We are building a platform of European junior plastic surgeons to promote cooperation and exchange within the speciality, across borders- and continents. Being guest contributors to the PRS Chronicles provides us the unique opportunity to further connect our European members and you, our American colleagues.

Europe with its many countries offers a massive number of educational opportunities in plastic surgery. However, it can be non intuitive sometimes to figure out how to best take advantage of these: where to- and who- to contact to apply to available fellowships, scholarships, courses, exchange programs, humanitarian missions, or academic positions.

Our group aims to provide that platform to enable us to pursue excellence in our training. Of course, there’s a social-networking benefit too. We officially gather during the annual EURAPS meeting to directly interact, discuss projects and milestones, exchange experiences, and welcome new members from all over Europe, and sometimes other continents too.

We look forward to collaborating with you and the blog, creating that essential connection to mutually share useful information and exciting news. You are invited to visit our website, join our forum and reach out to your European colleagues.

We believe this cooperation we are building together is very important and holds the potential to significantly affect the educational paths of all of us, on all sides of the oceans!

All the best,

Iselin Saltvig

Editor, EURAPS-JWG Newsletter

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