Twitter: An Updated Summary of Expert Tips

by Dr. Karen Chung (@loveselflessly)

Whether you are just starting out in social media, residency, or both, having a social media presence only works to your advantage. Here are the top five benefits I’ve gained from using twitter, and tips to help you succeed. I’ve added in a number of pearls learned from Dr. Olivier Branford (@OlivierBranford), Dr. Karen Horton (@drkarenhorton) and Dr. Heather Furnas (@drheatherfurnas) at the 2016 ASPS conference, as well as other experts in this field.

  1. International collaboration/networking/camaraderie:

Plastic surgeons on twitter are truly welcoming. Connecting with someone you’ve connected with on twitter is a useful icebreaker!


Useful hashtags:

  • #PSTM16: Plastic Surgery Meeting for updated list of who recently joined twitter, and list of current research evidence
  • #plasticsurgery: For all posts relevant to plastic surgery
  • #PRSJournalClub: For monthly PRS Journal Clubs and podcasts
  • #SoMe: Social Media posts

Make lists and add people to the lists to stay up to date. Retweet and favourite posts that resonate!

  1. Communication:

In Olivier Branford’s words “be the news.” Gain valuable skill in communicating relevant information concisely.


  1. Scholar/Medical Expert: Stay current, learn what is happening in real time and promote your research.


Journals to follow:

  • PRS/PRSGO: @prsjournal
  • Aesthetic Surgery Journal: @ASJrnl
  • Journal of Reconstructive MicroSurgery: @JRM_JRMOpen
  • JAMA Facial Plastics: @JAMAFacial
  • The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal: @AmerCleftPalate
  • Journal of Hand Surgery: @JHandSurg

Useful Hashtags:

  • #PRSed: for resident education.
  1. Advocacy:

Plastic surgery is a specialty that necessitates persistent innovation in all territories to keep our specialty relevant. In the words of @drheatherfurnas, publishing evidence based research will counteract misleading information from non-plastic surgeons and educate patients who look to social media for guidance.


Useful Hashtags from @OlivierBranford and @drkarenhorton:

Other useful hashtags if you want to share plastic surgery related topics in other fields:

  1. Professional: Your social media presence is your brand. It influences what people think of you. Think of what you want to convey, how you want to convey it and who you want to convey it to.

Do’s and Don’ts – Tips from @drkarenhorton talk from the #PSTM16 conference:

  • Do produce great content
  • Do create a conversation that invites questions and comments
  • Do follow HIPAA guidelines
  • Do use a consistent handle
  • Do posts yourself
  • Do be kind, professional and thoughtful
  • Don’t create controversy
  • Don’t post unethical pictures or breach patient privacy
  • Don’t respond to negative reviews

Now its your turn! Do you have great tips or tricks for twitter? Tweet them out with the hashtag #plasticsurgerytwittertips.

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