Complete Video Index Insider: December 2019

by Kate Boehm, MD
PRS and PRS Global Open Video Index Contributing Editor

As 2019 winds down we are looking forward to new and exciting PRS and PRS Global Open initiatives starting in 2020. One of which will be a monthly blog post (and social media videos) highlighting the best (and most useful) videos published by PRS and PRS Global Open. Why is this helpful to residents? A good 2-3 minute video can be as useful as reading a book chapter (chapters?) and easier to accomplish at the end of a long hospital day. We want to bring those videos to you to facilitate your learning and make the mountain of required knowledge a little easier to attain.

For those of you who don’t know, there is a complete video index of every video ever published by PRS and PRS Global Open—available here—that is updated monthly. With close to 3000 videos, this is a treasure trove of information and surgical technique. Check it out to prep for the OR, gain a new perspective, and learn from the masters.

Now, on to the good stuff. Ever confuse the plethora of options for eyelid reconstruction? Alghoul et al. have broken it down and demonstrate how to perform a variety of eyelid reconstructions including Tenzel, Hughes, and Cutler-Beard flaps and canthoplasty.

Take this link to watch Alghoul et al.’s videos in PRS Global Open’s November issue.

From “Eyelid Reconstruction.” Originally published in PRS Global Open.

Or, have you ever wondered how to do an endoscopic brow lift? Have 4 minutes? Click here to check out the latest video from Dr. Rohrich from December’s PRS article.

That’s it for this month. Happy holidays, and see you again in January!

Kate Boehm, MD, serves as the Video Index Contributing Editor to PRS and PRS Global Open. The Video Index Contributing Editor is responsible for assessing the video content in each full issue or compendium of each journal and updating the PRS and PRS Global Open Complete Video Index database. This editor also provides social media content to highlight selected videos each month.

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