Complete Video Index Insider: January 2020

by Kate Boehm, MD
PRS and PRS Global Open Video Index Contributing Editor

Welcome to a new year, a new decade and a new PRS and PRS Global Open initiative. For those who didn’t see the post in December, there will now be a monthly blog post and social media videos recapping the most useful videos published by the two journals. Whether to prep for the OR or act as a quick review, these videos can easily be integrated into the few spare minutes available in a day.

Facial surgery or rejuvenation on your reading list this month? PRS delivers with papers on the anatomy and how to apply it.

Check out Drs. Stuzin and Rohrich’s succinct review of the facial danger zones. Useful for reconstructive or cosmetic purposes, this video highlights what we should all know in 5 minutes.

From “Facial Nerve Danger Zones.” Originally published in PRS.

Want to go one step further and apply this knowledge? Take a look at Drs. Pascali, Botti and Botti’s paper sharing their technique to facelifts in bald men.

From PRS Global Open this month, Drs. Khansa and Janis present a succinct review of abdominal wall reconstruction. They break down a complex problem into 4 straightforward principles and five useful videos demonstrating the key steps to reconstructing an abdominal wall.

From “The 4 Principles of Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction.” Originally published in PRS Global Open.

Finally, for those of you who aren’t aware, there is a complete video index of every video ever published by PRS and PRS Global Open available here that is updated monthly. Take a look to review a complicated topic, listen to the experts lecture or prep for an upcoming OR.

See you next month for the February update.

Kate Boehm, MD, serves as the Video Index Contributing Editor to PRS and PRS Global Open. The Video Index Contributing Editor is responsible for assessing the video content in each full issue or compendium of each journal and updating the PRS and PRS Global Open Complete Video Index database. This editor also provides social media content to highlight selected videos each month.


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