Complete Video Index Insider: February 2020

by Kate Boehm, MD
PRS and PRS Global Open Video Index Contributing Editor

This month’s PRS and PRS Global Open issues feature many videos worth watching. The complete video index can be used to find every video published by PRS and PRS Global Open this and all previous months.

In addition to Dr. Colwell’s CME on advances in implant-based breast reconstruction—which features 6 videos walking your through the steps of a successful recon—February’s PRS issue also presents a muscle-sparing latissimus dorsi free flap. Authors Kurlander et al. demonstrate their technique for this flap in lower extremity reconstruction.

From PRS Global Open this month, check out papers detailing some less-common flaps that can be a useful addition in a tight situation. Dr. Falinower et al. present the lumbar artery perforator propeller flap. Their 5-minute video breaks down the flap’s applications, planning and dissection. Dr. Christopoulos et al. share their experience using the “snail flap”, a rotation advancement flap for scalp reconstruction accounting for scalp characteristics when designing the flap.

From “Use of the Propeller Lumbar Perforator Flap: A Series of 32 Cases.” Originally published in PRS Global Open.

Happy viewing!

Kate Boehm, MD, serves as the Video Index Contributing Editor to PRS and PRS Global Open. The Video Index Contributing Editor is responsible for assessing the video content in each full issue or compendium of each journal and updating the PRS and PRS Global Open Complete Video Index database. This editor also provides social media content to highlight selected videos each month.

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