Complete Video Index Insider: April 2020

by Kate Boehm, MD
PRS and PRS Global Open Video Index Contributing Editor

I’d like to start by wishing everyone safety and strength to yourselves and your families in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are unprecedented times with many unknowns and it is by working together and supporting each other that we will come through them.

Selecting top videos to highlight was tough as this month’s PRS and PRS Global Open issues published almost new 50 videos! Each video, along with every video ever published by either journal, is catalogued in the Video Index which can be found online. Now on to this month’s highlights.

Since arriving on the scene VAC dressings have exploded in popularity being used for an extremely wide variety wounds. Take a look at April’s CME article by Singh and colleagues which reviews practical tips to using VAC dressings. This provides a quick review of key tips and tricks to keep in mind when using VACs. Unrelated to VACs but a great series of technical tip videos, check out the videos by Safran et al. demonstrating their techniques in prepectoral breast reconstruction. This article and videos are a great addition to the January’s CME by Drs. Amy Colwell and Erin Taylor.

From “Practical Things You Should Know about Wound Healing and Vacuum-Assisted Closure Management.” Originally published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

From PRS Global Open this month comes a huge collection of videos. Ones that really stood out were videos by Valerio et al. in their article Targeted muscle reinnervation combined with a vascularized pedicled regenerative peripheral nerve interface.  Another videos worth watching presenting a pathology some of us may see less commonly – Danno et al.’s pre- and post-op videos following resection of a large abdominal arteriovenous malformation.

That’s it for this month. Again, stay safe and see you soon for May!

Kate Boehm, MD, serves as the Video Index Contributing Editor to PRS and PRS Global Open. The Video Index Contributing Editor is responsible for assessing the video content in each full issue or compendium of each journal and updating the PRS and PRS Global Open Complete Video Index database. This editor also provides social media content to highlight selected videos each month.


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