Complete Video Index Insider: June 2020

by Kate Boehm, MD
PRS and PRS Global Open Video Index Contributing Editor

Welcome to this month’s video highlight reel. Before getting to the goods, a quick reminder that you can find the Complete Video Index with every video ever published by PRS and PRS Global Open under the Digital Media tab on the home page of either journal.

Now on to the highlights!

From PRS this month there is a wide variety of video content to choose from. For a review of distraction osteogenesis in craniofacial surgery, take a look at Hopper et al.’s paper including 4 videos reviewing techniques and outcomes. The videos center around distraction osteogenesis in airway improvements, subcranial rotation, posterior vault remodeling and monobloc distraction.

From “Thirty Years Later: What Has Craniofacial Distraction Osteogenesis Surgery Replaced?” Originally published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

If facelifts are on your reading or OR lists, you’re in luck. As with all issues of PRS, there are associated videos from the Baker Gordon Symposium on Cosmetic surgery. This month you can watch Dr. Timothy Marten’s presentation of his high-SMAS face and neck lift. Additionally, Frey and Zide further this month’s face and neck lift content with 8 new videos on their top tips focusing on technical pearls and maneuvers.

PRS Global Open features a really great article by Winters et al. on ergonomics and endurance in the operating room. Something that should be on the minds of all surgeons for longevity and health in our profession. Their videos focus on assessment – which is key to making lasting and meaningful changes. Definitely worth taking a look at the videos and reading the paper.

That’s it for this month.   I hope everyone is remaining safe and getting back to the OR.

Happy viewing!


Kate Boehm, MD, serves as the Video Index Contributing Editor to PRS and PRS Global Open. The Video Index Contributing Editor is responsible for assessing the video content in each full issue or compendium of each journal and updating the PRS and PRS Global Open Complete Video Index database. This editor also provides social media content to highlight selected videos each month.


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